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Thank you for visiting our website.

To reach me please email me  divadodora@aol.com. You may also call me at 479 883 6383 Please leave a message if I do not answer.


What is a v-cut backing?

V-cut backing   means the 2 little points that stick out on each side of the bow. No v-cut backing would not have any of the little points at all on the  back of the dog bow.

Are barrettes better?

Barrettes make your dog bows last much much longer. Please see the page on "Tips and Bow Placement" to see how barrettes are used on the dogs hair.


What product is used to stiffen the bows?

I use a liquid stiffener that is comletely NON TOXIC.

Are Val's Bows safe for my dog?

Bows are made with your pets safety in mind. Non toxic stiffener s used to stiffen bows. Most all of my embellishments are sewn on.  Even though my embellishments are sewn on, if your pet removes the bow there is a chance that he /she could chew the embellishment off and swallow it. Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure your pets safety.   Bows placed in the proper manner will reduce the chance that your pet will somehow remove the bow and chew it. Please be sure to read my tips on bow placement to reduce the chance of bow removal by your pet.





International orders:

Declared value on customs forms will be the actual cost of your order less shipping fees.

Please  allow 20-40 business days for your order to arrive. sometimes it takes even longer if your order is made with barrettes. Due to the metal in the package it may be kicked back for inspection at customs.





I accept returns only if there is a problem wtih the quality of my work.

Bows that are orders by the wrong size are not eligible for a refund. Please read the "Dog Bow Sizing" page  to be sure of the size you need.

 The reason I dont accept returns is because all bows are made to order so if they are returned I would not be able to sell them again till someone ordered the exact same bows. This could take a few days or it could take months or years before the same bow is ordered by someone else.


Canceled orders

If a order is canceled a $10.00 cancelation fee will apply to the order.

Lost packages

If a package is lost in the mail,I will replace the bows after the package has been missing for 21 days for USA orders.  This will give the package time to return to me if there is an error in the mailing address or the package was misdirected by the post office. International orders will  be either refunded or re-shipped after 45 days from the date the bows were mailed if they are lost in the mail.